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"The territory explored by Jean de Aguiar with his nylon string guitar is not unlike the territory once explored by Charlie Byrd, Laurindo Almeida or Baden Powell. The sweetness of the melodies singing with the whispering inflections of the Brazilians is combined with the narrow warmth of the rhythmic games popular among samba musicians.

(Louis-Julien Nicolaou .Telerama)


"And so here is a new original colour of jazz that immediately seduces us, catches us by the tip of our hearts and never lets go, even long after listening".

(Jacques Pauper. Couleurs jazz)


"This album reminds us of a planetary journey in the encounter with the music of the other". (côté sud fm)


"Shining sunbeams". Double bass with a bow. The drummer installs a light lapping that scatters the stretched notes of the double bass. The guitarist throws his fingers like roses. Little by little, it comes to life. The sun emerges more and more powerful. (Guillaume Lagree.jarsjasejazz)


"We love it! This guitar playing, this atmosphere that is out of the ordinary and all that can be heard elsewhere. It's ambitious in 2019 and we like it! Well done". (Radio Kaos Karibou)


"Our guest is a pure sparkling note, full of harmony, tenderness and a gift to enchant us." (Richard Anou .regard et



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